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letter-pastor's Corner

Stronger Together Devotional Series

A Message from Pastor Lee 4/1/2020
A Letter from Pastor Lee and Gidget 3/18/20
Daily Devotionals

Stronger Together

Day 1: Staying Stronger Together
Day 2: Prodigal Son
Day 3: Reliance on God
Day 4: Sacrifices
Day 5: Enemies
Day 6: Measure of Faith
Day 7: Rewind Please
Day 8: Real Life
Day 9: The Silver Smith
Day 10: Live Dangerously
Day 11: The High Rise View
Day 12: Lightness and Darkness
Day 13: Power Up
Day 14: Strange Inheritance
Day 15: Hallelujah!
Day 16: Alone
Day 17: Don't be a Dunker
Day 19: Turbulence
Day 20: The Keri Strug Vault
Day 21: Undercover Boss
Day 22: Look to the Cross
Day 23: A Son's Concern for his Mother
Day 24: A Rich Man's Tomb
Day 26: Like Fine Tuning an Orchestra
Day 27: He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother
Day 28: Balanced Living
Day 29: Has Your Get Up Got Up and Gone?
Day 30: The Perseverance of Brandon Burlsworth
Day 31: The Cheetah's Failing
Day 32: Pizza Blessings
Day 33: Choose Life
Day 34: Projects in Progress
Day 35: Where is Your Focus?
Day 36: Praise the Hurt Away
Day 37: Anchor Down
Day 40: Love Letters from God
Day 41: God is our Shield
Day 42: Coming to Church
Day 43: Balancing it All
Day 44: Low Battery
Day 45: Summer Sun
Day 47: William Bryce Swayin' Stadium
Day 48: Sunflowers
Day 49: Chameleons
Day 50: The Bold Leap of Faith
Day 51: Healing Broken Bones
Day 52: Hide and Seek
Day 54: Bloodthirsty Pirates
Day 55: Don't Eat Watermelon Seeds
Day 56: Cuddly Kittens
Day 57: Walking with Lions
Day 58: The Widow's Mite
Day 59: The Doctor's Visit
Day 61: Climbing Trees
Day 62: Punched in the Mouth
Day 63: The Sun is Setting
Day 64: The Play by Play Broadcast
Day 65: Just Mercy
Day 66: Temptation
Day 68: Clean Hearts
Day 69: Fiery Darts
Day 70: The Thing about Soccer Sprints
Day 71: The Game Clock Countdown
Day 72: New Trails
Day 73: The Grinder: Steve Kerr

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