May 25, 2020

Pastor Lee and Gidget AtheyClean Hearts

I love these words of David in Psalm 51:10 Clean Hearts

“Create in me a clean heart O God: and renew a willing spirit within me.”

How many times have I needed to pray that prayer? More than I can count. But that one sentence prayer of David is maybe the most powerful prayer a man or woman can ever pray.

Think about it for a moment. Most of our prayers we are asking God for; help, healing, strength, wisdom, protection, and providence on a regular basis. There is nothing wrong with that but what I really need the most is a pure heart and a willing spirit.

My heart gets so dirty so quickly. My heart quickly becomes full of my wants. My heart easily becomes angry at a fellow human being. My heart holds secrets that no one knows.

My spirit is not always willing. Too many times my spirit is saying no when it should be saying yes.

“Create in me a clean heart O God: and renew a willing spirit within me.”

Here is one thing I have learned in my journey with God. God is more concerned with what is going on inside of me than what achievements or accomplishments I have gained. God cares more about who I am than what I do.

If what is happening inside of me is not right with Him then eventually whatever I accomplish or achieve will destroy me.

Let us pray!


Pastor Lee & Gidget Athey