June, 2014

“…Who is able to stand before the LORD, this holy God? And to whom shall he go up away from us?” (1 Samuel 6:20 ESV).

An Open DoorPastorKeith

The church doors are wide open for those who have a mind to come and join. I feel some honestly believe that an open door into the church is an open door into heaven. Just walk through the open church door and down the aisle on the right awaits the doorway into heaven. Repentance is no longer necessary anymore to join the church. Living a holy life is certainly not required by most these days.

Our problem is that we keep or allow our churches to stay dingy gray instead of pleading for holy whiteness. We are more than willing to accept something off-color as long as it does not offend anybody.

But the crowd cries out, “Now don’t become a religious fanatic, for don’t you see that God understands our flesh and knows we are but dust?”

I believe biblically that what God cannot look at we should not be involved in! Therefore the qualifications to join the church should be the same qualifications to gain entrance into heaven itself.

As we make a conscious attempt to “live the life” unto Christ; may we understand, without holiness it is impossible to be pleasing to God.


In His service,

Keith L. Bagwell